Sheets that keep kids covered

… all night long….

Triple stitched, designed to last

… even in the harshest environments …

A better night's sleep

… for you and for them …

Perfect for any bed size

.. crib, toddler, twin, full & queen…

Safe, snug & secure

… and sound asleep at last …

YKK - the ultimate zip

… no catching, sticking, or breaking …

Crib size short sheeting feature

… adjusts to your childs age & height …

Wide variety of colors

… from neutral to vibrant ….

No more restless sleep

… just happy campers …


What are Kids Zip Sheets?

Zipper Bed Sheets that are NO LONGER JUST FOR KIDS!

These Zipper Bed Sheets were originally designed for children to keep them covered and prevent them from kicking off their sheets.  The result was a more restful sleep for the children as well as the adults who were waking frequently to cover them. They have successfully helped solve this common problem.

Now however, the sheets have evolved into a much more useful product for folks of all ages to enjoy. Improved design, longer zippers, a wider selection of colors and sizes all make this product useful for everyone.  The sheets go on just like a fitted sheet and zippers on both sides are used with the flat sheet, thus eliminating the need to lift and tuck the sheets daily. Not only can you choose to be covered or not while sleeping, it is easy to zip them up when making the bed.  While perfect for kids or those with health challenges, the EASE of this type of zipper bedding can be enjoyed by all.

How are they constructed?  For our regular line of Zip Sheets, the flat sheet and fitted sheet are sewn together at the foot end of the bed and slightly up the sides. Zippers run the rest of the way up on each side. Each set comes with pillow cases, one for twin and XL twin sizes, two for the full and queen sizes.

In addition to the regular line of Zip Sheets for standard size beds, we also feature a zip toddler bed sheet. . While these sheets are not recommended for use with babies, they are perfect for transitioning a toddler from a crib to a toddler bed.  Often this involves converting the crib mattress into the toddler bed. The difference in the crib size toddler bed sheet is a series of snaps to short sheet the product allowing you to adjust the top sheet for your child as they grow taller.

Our Kids Zip Sheets and Zip Sheets have been tested and meet CPSC standards for safety. They are not treated with chemicals or flame retardants. They are free from lead, toxic metals, phthalates and they do not pose a choking, aspiration, or ingestion hazard.   The only warning we do wish to emphasize is the age recommendation.  If used with babies under the age of 1, they could pose a suffocation hazard. Please use them responsibly for ages 12 months and up ONLY.  To learn more about all the uses and benefits of these amazing sheets, visit our “Learn” page.

In 2011, while on a family camping trip in Australia, the Kids Zip Sheets idea was conceived.  It has grown substantially and is now becoming a global sensation. In fact, the original Australia brand has just expanded to a line of Caravan and Aged Care Zip Sheets.

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...the perfect solution for children who constantly wake up because they have kicked off their covers ...

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