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How it all began

The original concept of Kids ZipSheets was born during a camping trip in 2011. Australian Carla Lorenzi and her husband designed a secure cover to prevent their children from kicking off covers and waking up cold. The initial design was made from a single sheet with releasable clasps that clipped onto the camping stretcher beds. A sleeping bag was then placed over the top like a duvet.

It worked like a charm and prevented the kids from kicking off the covers. And it did an excellent job of keeping them warm all night. After making a few modifications so that the sheets fit securely to a bed mattress, Kids ZipSheets was created and ready for home use in 2013. The business quickly grew in Australia then expanded to New Zealand, Canada, Europe, the UK, and the USA.

ZipSheets USA

When Pennsylvania based business owner Beverly Sheaffer first saw Kids ZipSheets, she fell in love with them. She realized that they were a perfect fit for customers of her ecommerce store bunkbedsbunker.com as they make the task of making up bunk beds so easy, and keep little ones covered all night long.

Since Beverly introduced Kids ZipSheets to the USA market in 2014, they have been a big hit with parents of kids right around the country. The brand has evolved, and today offers a wider selection of high-quality bedding for kids, bunk beds, adults and people with disabilities. The company has been rebranded to ZipSheets – to reflect the suitability of the products for everyone, of any age.

“There is no other product like ZipSheets. It’s such a simple idea, and so beautifully executed. I’m constantly thrilled by the wonderful stories we receive from happy customers telling us how their ZipSheet set has improved sleep time for everyone – not to mention loving seeing the much tidier beds!” – Beverly


Kids ZipSheets was featured on Tracy Moore’s Cityline, North America’s longest-running daytime show for women. Designer Jackie Glass shares ways for making kids’ rooms modern, tidy and practical in this episode.

Got these for our bunk beds. They are perfect!


Love the concept, even for my teenager. Plan to send my kids to college with these for their dorms.


The sheets are a hit with my 6 year old son! He stayed covered all night and loves tucking himself in. He's actually doing his quite time right now and climbed right into his bed. Thank you so much for an awesome product that helps us all get a little more sleep! I will leave a product review on the website over the next few days.


These sheets are perfect for my son’s bunk bed! They are excellent quality, fit perfectly, and the zipper functions perfectly. Super easy for a 5 year old to zip up. I am so thankful to have found the solution to our bunk bed sheet problem. No frustration in the middle of the night in tangled sheets. I looked at several other brands online and this was the only set I found that was 100% cotton and seemed to be high quality instead of the “As Seen On TV” sort of stuff that was either polyester or fleece which is just not going to be comfortable or cool enough. I was absolutely delighted with the quality when I received them. Excellent fabric, nice weight that lays flat, and the fit is perfect for the mattress. I am just tickled with these sheets and will be recommending them to all my friends with kids. Even if you don’t have bunk beds, they would be great for just keeping kids in the bed and keeping the bed neat. Also much easier for kids to make their own beds with these. Very very happy with this product!!


Love them!


Slip around a bit on the kids beds but otherwise nice easy way to make bunk beds.


Ella loves her ZipSheets. I just wanted to let you know what a great product you have. We have had 4 nights of sleeping through the night with no waking up because she has kicked her rugs off. Now when I check on her ( out of habit now not necessity) she is as snug as a bug in a rug. Thank you for a wonderful good quality product.


I purchased this sheet set because my grandchildren are always kicking the sheets off. Therefore, I decided to try this type of sheet set and it works perfectly. I'm always having to wake up in middle of the night to see that they are under the covers. It truly works because its harder for them to kick the sheets off. Thank goodness!


Kids love them!


Great calming place to hide. My 4 children and I all have your sheets, they are amazing and truly changed our lives.


I purchased this sheet because my grandchildren are always kicking the sheets off. Therefore, I decided to try this type of sheet set and it works perfectly. I'm always having to wake up in middle of the night to see that they are under the covers. It truly works because its harder for them to kick the sheets off. Thank goodness!


I would definitely recommend these sheets to other parents. My daughter was afraid to have her toes uncovered during the night because she feared something would come and eat them off! I think this is a very common fear of kids (and some adults) since I can remember being the same way. I can also remember my mom taking big diaper pins of yesteryear and pinning the sheets and blankets to the bottom of my mattress growing up because I would rip them out over the night, expose my toes, freak out and wake them up to come fix my sheets. Thankfully my daughter has only done this a couple of times! But Kids ZipSheets completely eliminates this problem because the sheet is sewn directly to the fitted sheet, creating a sleeping bag environment while being attached to a mattress. My daughter’s mattress is thin since she has a captain’s bed, but the sheets stayed on her mattress and could fit on a deeper mattress still with no problem.” “The best part of Kids ZipSheets was waking up in the morning and having my daughter tell me she made her bed!  She’s 6 and she’s struggled with this task because she usually rips off all the blankets from the bed each night and somehow they get tangled into one big mess. With the Kids ZipSheets, the blankets stayed in place because the sheet stayed in place. So making her bed is a piece of cake. Now if I can get her to clean her room!”


Are these sheets or blankets?

These are sheets – zippered bed sheets. They are made of 100% cotton percale fabric and can be used all year long. We are reintroducing flannel sheets as well which will be a cozy alternative for winter or cooler climates. Our flannel sheets could almost be considered zipper blankets because the flannel is a nice weight and very cozy! With ZipSheets all you do is place your blankets, bedspreads, comforters, duvet covers, or quilts on top for added warmth if necessary.

Are the zips all the way around?

No, The zippers are on the sides only. We place two 165 cm (65 in) long zips on both sides to join the flat sheet to the fitted sheet. We sew the base of the top sheet to the base of the fitted sheet with a small area left open for ventilation.

What is the difference between the crib and larger sets?
The crib sets have snaps that allow you to short sheet the top sheet. There are several present positions for to you use. If you have a younger child you will fold the top sheet all the way down and snap the top sheet into the first set of snaps. This will allow you to always place your toddler at the base of his/her bed. As they get older, you simply adjust the snaps until you are using the full length of the top sheet. This size is recommended crib size mattresses used as toddler beds – it is not recommended for babies under the age of 1 year. It could pose a suffocation hazard.
Do you offer gift wrapping?

We have offered free gift wrapping for Christmas gifts in the past but we are not doing so at the present time. We may offer it again in the future or on special request.

How do you ship Kids ZipSheets?

We ship most orders using USPS Priority 2-3 day mail or UPS Ground. That usually means a 2-3 day delivery but it can be up to 7 days or longer with the current COVID slowdown. There is no guarantee. If you need your order by a certain date, we recommend you order in plenty of time or contact us for guaranteed delivery dates which will require an additional charge based on your address.

How quickly will my order ship once I’ve placed it?

Orders are typically processed same day or next day unless it is during a weekend or holiday period. It depends on when the order comes in for example, an order that is received at 1 PM EST on Saturday will not ship until Monday. But we endeavor to get your order shipped as soon as possible. If an item is back ordered, it will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

How do you attach the top sheet to the fitted sheet?

We sew the top sheet to the fitted sheet at the foot end of the bed and double stitch it on. Zippers join the sheets on each side to allow for easy entrance or exit.

Will my child be too warm in these sheets?
There is no polyester in our sheets – they are 100% cool, comfortable cotton. And with the hole at the foot end for ventilation, it’s not likely your child will be too warm. Leave the top sheet unzipped on both sides for even more air flow. ZipSheets are really versatile in how you choose to use them yet they make it so easy to make the bed.
Will my child feel confined?

The beauty of our sheets is that your child can be as tucked in as they want to be. The bottom part of the sheets is attached or sewn together. There is an area left open for ventilation (to stick a foot out) but the zippers can be zipped up or down on either side. If your child feels too confined, leave them unzipped or leave one side unzipped. That way a child can get in and out quickly for a bathroom trip but that top sheet will still stay in place and be a cinch to zip up in the morning.

There is a hole at the foot end – is that a flaw or is it part of the design?

The hole is part of the design and not a flaw. The area left open is to provide ventilation, something that is unique to our design and not present in most other zippered bedding.

Which products are you recommending line dry only?

Actually, none of our ZipSheets need to be line dried now. For the first batch of flannel, we did recommend line drying them but all of that stock is gone. All current and new stock is completely safe to tumble dry. We do recommend tumble dry on low heat for about 20 minutes and remove promptly to reduce wrinkling. Leave the sheets zipped up to launder – both washing and drying – to reduce friction on the zipper. We use good YKK zippers but reducing the friction can extend the life of the product.

How do you wash it?

You wash ZipSheets as you would any other sheets. Machine wash cool water, gentle cycle, mild detergent, no bleach. Tumble dry low heat for 20 minutes, remove promptly. Leave sheets zipped up to wash in order to reduce friction on the zippers. We can not be responsible for damage done if the care instructions have not been followed.

What is your return policy?

We do accept returns for any defective product – no questions asked – and we will promptly refund or replace them. Any other return must be new, unwashed, and in the original packaging. The customer is responsible for paying the return shipping. Once we receive the return, we will give you a full refund if the product meets the return requirements. If you need to return an item, contact us promptly for specific instructions. Our product comes with a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee!