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We are looking for high quality affiliates to help market ZipSheets.  Our market is the USA only and we are looking for folks to promote the brand, not just advertise coupon codes – primarily bloggers and influencers.  If you love ZipSheets as much as we do and you have a following of folks who could benefit from this type of product, feel free to apply below.

ZipSheets Affiliate Program

ZipSheets is an Australian born product that was originally created to keep kids covered. However, a redesign with longer zippers and a wider selection of sizes and colors make these the perfect EASY sheets for anyone. They go on and off like a fitted sheet but once on the bed, there is no tucking needed. The flat sheet is attached to the fitted sheet at the foot end and zippers join them on each side. High quality materials like 100% cotton and YKK zippers make them durable. While they are perfect for anyone who wants an easy to make bed, they can be helpful for folks with bunk & loft beds or any hard to make bed, seniors who don’t want to lift and tuck sheets, folks with disabilities who want an easy to make bed, people with sensory issues who like to stay covered or mind messy bedding, etc. There are so many benefits to these sheets and EVERYONE can enjoy them.

For the program, I am offering 5% commission on sales. Most people buy one or two sets although I do have some orders for larger quantities. One set is around $80 and 2 sets run about $140. That’s a basic twin size. Larger sizes sell for more. I am planning to reevaluate the selling price due to recent price increases.

For the most part, reviews are good for this product. I have had many folks come back for more or tell me how they have helped their families with sleep issues.

I do want to note, I am only allowed to sell this product in the USA. So if you are targeting folks outside the USA, they will not be able to order on the website.

To apply to become an affiliate, go to this link.

ZipSheets make Easy Beds