are flat sheets necessary

Many folks wonder if they can use a fitted bottom sheet only?  Are flat bed sheets (top sheets) becoming a thing of the past?  While we are not seeing sheet sets packaged that way yet, it does seem that there is a generational trend away from the use of flat sheets.  It is certainly an easy option for bunk beds but it seems to be more popular with other beds as well.  Although most folks do still use a flat sheet, the younger generation is often opting out of a flat sheet  So, are flat sheets necessary or even recommended?

Why would you want to use a flat sheet?

    • A flat sheet feels good against your skin, especially if you are sleeping under a blanket or textured comforter. Bed sheets are commonly made of cotton, linen, silk, or bamboo (breathable fabrics ). On the other hand, many synthetic fabrics are used in comforters which can make them feel scratchy or irritable to the skin.
    • A flat sheet can be enough on a hot summer night.  A cool, lightweight cotton sheet is just enough cover but not too much for hot nights when there is no air conditioning.
    • A flat sheet keeps the comforter/blanket/top cover cleaner.  This saves time and money when it comes to laundering heavier, bulkier bedding products like blankets and comforters.  The flat sheet acts as a hygienic barrier that can be washed frequently.
    • A flat sheet makes for better temperature control.  It traps cool air in warm weather and warm air in cold weather. Many folks think that extra layer is warmer but it’s just the opposite.

Why would you not want to use a flat sheet?

    • If you are a restless sleeper, a flat sheet can end up twisted and tousled at the foot end of the bed.  This can be very disruptive to your sleep. The flat sheet can even come untucked if the bed wasn’t made properly in the first place.  If sheets are too short for a mattress or they don’t tuck under enough, it only takes minimal movement to pull them out.
    • Many folks feel another layer is smothering and hot.  This has been proven to be incorrect. Again, the flat sheet traps a layer of air to act in a cooling or warming fashion.
    • A flat sheet can add time and difficulty to making the bed. If the bed is made properly and the sheets are tucked under well enough, it shouldn’t be too difficult to pull up the flat sheet. If restless sleepers use the bed or the sheets aren’t tucked properly, the bed may need to be completely made each day.
    • A flat sheet is just an extra piece of laundry. True, but if you are not using the flat sheet, you do need to launder the comforter/blanket/top  cover more frequently and it is usually heavier, bulkier, and harder to wash. I personally dread washing comforters because often they fill the dryer making it hard to dry them evenly without a few checks and changes.  A trip to the laundromat is even more time consuming.

The Purpose of a Flat Sheet

The purpose of the flat sheet is to act as a hygienic barrier that keeps the bed clean and healthy while reducing the frequency of washing the heavier bedding.

Science does show that using a flat sheet is preferable because it deters microscopic life growth such as fungi, bacteria, animal dander, pollen soil, finishing chemicals, coloring chemicals, bodily excrements, and so forth that build up over time.  Even if you think you go to bed clean every night and sleep without animals in the bed, these microscopic organisms build up and produce an unhealthy sleeping environment very quickly.  So whether you are using the flat sheet or not,  the importance of refularly laundering bedding can’t be stressed enough.

Still don’t want to use a flat sheet?

If you do choose to use only a fitted sheet, duvet’s with removable covers seem to be the best option as they can be laundered as frequently as the fitted sheet and often, they feel as good as the sheets against your skin.  You won’t experience the heating and cooling effects of the flat sheet but at least you will have a more hygienic sleeping environment

are flat sheets necessary

ZipSheets Solve the Flat Sheet Dilemma

ZipSheets  give you the benefits of a flat sheet without the hassles that can come from using one.  ZipSheets are sewn together at the foot end so there is no need to tuck them and they won’t come untucked while sleeping.  This also reduces the incidence of the covers becoming tousled or tangled at the foot end for restless sleepers.  They go on as easily as a fitted sheet so no expert bed making skills are required.  They are easy to make up and they protect your comforter/blanket/top cover so it won’t have to be laundered as frequently.  They give you the benefit of temperature control as well and are easily laundered as one piece.  Sounds like a win win to me.

So while there are plenty of pros and cons in this flat sheet debate, it really comes down to personal preference.  But if you know the pros and cons of the flat sheet and are still on the fence about whether to use one, consider ZipSheets as a way to have the best of both worlds..  Shop the ZipSheets collections today!