Cozy Flannel ZipSheets

The beauty of four seasons

Living in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, I experience four distinct seasons each year. I appreciate the beauty of each and I enjoy the transitions between them. Just as I have had enough of winter, spring breaks through with buds of new life, light showers, and warmer air. The green grass of spring seems greener than at any other time of the year, maybe because it contrasts starkly with the just passed brown of winter. Then summer comes, sometimes with scorching heat, high humidity, long days, and bugs. That season is my least favorite, can you tell, but it has its benefits as well. You can go outside without shoes, flowers bloom at their peak, you talk to your neighbors more than usual, and you can hang clothes outside to dry. Then the days get shorter and fall breaks through with picture perfect weather, crisp nights, and earlier sunsets giving our bodies time to adjust to the darkness before it’s bedtime. Just when you think you could take fall weather forever, the leaves are gone and winter sets in again. It may be a light winter this year with barely cold temperatures or it could be a hard winter with below freezing  temperatures and lots of snow. I even love snow for a couple months and would miss it if I lived in a warmer climate. Because each season only lasts about 3 months,  you take what comes and enjoy it for that season. Then, you look forward to the next.

Cool, crisp nights make good sleeping weather

If I had to pick a favorite season though, it would be fall when the leaves are ablaze with vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows. Early sunsets make evenings shorter, days are clear and cool, nights are crisp, and the smell of burning leaves or gingerbread is in the air.  It’s time to open windows again after a long stretch of only air conditioning. Fall decor comes out for the mantle and pumpkins and mums adorn the entryways to our homes. Even hot coffee tastes better this time of year. Sometimes I wish we had this season all year long but then I don’t think I would appreciate it as much. It’s kind of like life and it’s transitions. You experience joy much more fully when you’ve been through tough times. So as we transition to the cooler months of the year, we need to consider transitioning our bedding as well.

Get your beds ready for fall and winter with flannel sheets

Fall is the time to get our beds ready for those cooler temperatures and then you might even want to crack a window open and let some of that crisp air in. We call it good sleeping weather here and it’s been shown that a cool bedroom, whether it’s from a lower set thermostat or the night air, promotes a much better night’s sleep. The cotton or bamboo sheets and light quilts of summer are no longer enough. We need to pull out the flannel sheets and winter comforters. Since the bedroom will be a cooler temperature, it’s important to keep the bedding cozy and warm. If you kick sheets off  this time of year, it is even more of a disruption to the wake/sleep cycles. In the summer, you may not even realize covers have been kicked off but in the fall/winter, you know it. That’s where our Flannel ZipSheets come in.

ZipSheets are now available in flannel

We are reintroducing cotton flannel ZipSheets. They serve two purposes. One, they give you that warm, cozy, flannel feel that is so important for the cooler seasons of the year. Two, they have zippers incorporated in the design to ensure your top sheet stays in place, zipped up or not. You can even zip them just enough on the sides to keep the top sheet where you want it. Your top bedding will also stay in place better if the sheets stay in place. This almost ensures you will stay covered. Now that they are avaialble in standard sizes and ever versatile white, kids and adults can enjoy the benefits of ZipSheets. We hope to bring more colors in soon.

Get ready for cool nights with Flannel ZipSheets.