… and benefits …


  • Vibrant kid friendly colors
  • Twin, Full, Queen & Crib/Toddler Sizes
  • Made from high quality percale cottons
  • YKK zips – the best on the market
  • Open section on both sides for ventillation
  • Machine washable – tumble dry
  • Choose how much you want tucked in by zipping one, both, or neither zipper


  • Children sleep more comfortably without nighttime waking
  • Children are less likely to kick off the covers
  • Great for hot nights with no blanket or bedspread
  • The bed looks neat and tidy
  • Bed making is easy, even for kids
  • Great for bunk beds, camping mattresses and caravan
  • Vibrant colors can be used in place of a comforter and accessorized with pillows