What makes Zip Sheets so great?

More Color Choices

ZipSheets come in a range of color choices.  Vibrant, fun colors like fuchsia pink, bright blue, and aqua are kid friendly and will brighten up a room. With the rebranding and change of the design of ZipSheets so they can be used by folks of all ages, the neutral colors like grey and white are more versatile and will work in most decors.  We are continually working to introduce new color choices to keep up with current trends.

zipsheets colors

More Sizes

Kids Zip Sheets were the original brand and they were made for children between the ages of 1 year and 12 years.  Sizes were limited to fit crib, twin and full size mattresses.  Since the design of ZipSheets has been improved with longer zippers, now they are suitable for folks of any age.  Therefore, we have added sizes to the original selection crib/toddler, twin/single, and full/double sizes.  We now offer ZipSheets in XL twin/single and queen sizes to accommodate more beds including adult size bunk beds and regular adult beds which typically are 80″ in length.


High Quality Cotton Percale Fabric

Cotton is notably one of the best and most comfortable fabrics for sleeping.  It is especially good for folks with sensitive skin or those who tend to get warm at night.  While other fabrics may have advantages such as being wrinkle resistant, nothing compares to cotton for comfort.  ZipSheets are made of breathable, cool, 100% cotton fabric.

zipsheets cotton fabric
YKK zippers

Durable Zippers

Zippers are the most important part of our Zipsheets and that’s why we choose to use YKK.  YKK zippers are one of the best zippers on the market  due to their high quality and durability.  Under normal wear and care, these zippers will last a long time.  We do recommend leaving them zipped up to tumble dry so it reduces the friction on them.


While 100% cotton is comfortable, some people are warm sleepers. ZipSheets allow you to choose how much you want to be zipped in.  Leave one side unzipped or partly zipped or leave both sides unzipped.  If you do decide to leave both sides zipped up, we have incorporated an open section in the seam at the foot end of the bed to allow for ventilation.

Zip Sheets Easy Care

Easy Care

ZipSheets are easy to care for.  Simply machine wash and tumble dry low heat.  If you prefer, they may be line dried.  We find that using low heat for about 20 minutes and removing them promptly reduces wrinkling.  As a precaution to protecting the zipper, we recommend leaving the sheets zippered up when laundering to reduce friction on the zipper.

Versatile Use

While ZipSheets give you the option to be zipped up and stay covered, you don’t have to zip them at all.  Take advantage of the benefits of the zippers for easy bed making but leave them zipped or not for sleeping. The top sheet stays in place and doesn’t need tucked no matter how you sleep in them.

Designed for Quality and Comfort

We only use YKK zippers and we triple stitch them for durability.  We also position the zipper on the side of the mattress.  This makes it easier to access the zipper for quick bed making but it also ensures the zipper is not positioned in a way as to rub against skin ensuring a more comfortable sleep.