Are these Crib Sheets or Toddler Bed Sheets?

Are these Crib Sheets or Toddler Bed Sheets?

Are these crib sheets or toddler bed sheets?

Toddler Bed Sheets for Boys & Girls    

When I first started selling ZipSheets, I was concerned parents would think our zipper crib sheets were to be used by babies and infants which isn’t true. To me, the words “crib sheet” can be a little misleading. Our crib sheets should really be referred to as toddler bed sheets. They are intended to be used by toddlers and young children ages 1-5. They are not to be used by infants and babies under the age of 1 year. Your child must be strong enough to lift their head and roll easily before you should ever consider these zip sheets.

Crib Safety Recommendations

For safety reasons, it is not recommended to have any bumpers, top sheet, pillow, blanket, or stuffed animal in bed with an infant or baby under 12 months of age. These could pose a risk of smothering, strangulation or entrapment and even death. It is best to use a snug fitted sheet only on a firm mattress which shows no indentation when the infant is lying on it and no other soft objects in the crib. Additional warmth can be provided in sleep clothing or sleep sacks.

ZipSheets named for the mattress size, not the intended use

So the size of the sheet is named for the size mattress it fits – in this case a crib size mattress or a toddler bed mattress. Children often remain in a crib beyond 1 year and that same mattress may be converted to a toddler bed and used for up to 5 years. So, when your child is in the age range of 1-5, they may still be using the crib size mattress but they are finally ready for that top sheet, a blanket, and a pillow. At that point, our Crib Size Kids ZipSheets make the perfect toddler bedding.

What comes with crib size toddler bed ZipSheets?

All standard crib size Kids ZipSheets come with a fitted sheet, an attached custom made flat sheet, and one junior pillow case. The top sheet has 3 different length settings and can be adjusted using the snap fasteners which are firmly attached to the sheets. Your child will stay tucked in, stay in bed, and feel secure for that transition from the crib to a toddler bed. These are all very important considerations when looking for toddler bedding.

So, it’s up to you

We can’t stress enough the importance of using this product responsibly. It can pose a suffocation hazard if not used for the appropriate age child. It is NOT intended for use with children under the age of 1 and the responsibility for ensuring proper use once it’s purchased falls solely on the parent or guardian. It is an amazing product and perfect for your 1-5 year old children. After that, our regular line of ZipSheets can be used by folks from ages 5-100. Please use this product as intended and we know you will love Kids ZipSheets!

Help transition your child to a toddler bed with crib size toddler bed ZipSheets.

ZipSheets – The Best Kids Sheets Ever!

ZipSheets – The Best Kids Sheets Ever!

best kids sheets ever

The Best Kids Sheets!

There are about as many kids sheets on the market as there are kids! Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration but there are plenty of kids sheets out there to pick from. All fabrics, all colors, every design imaginable. Every super hero or cartoon character who has ever existed has appeared on a set of kids sheets. They are all fun, colorful, soft, comfortable and more but what if they came with a purpose? That’s what makes Kids ZipSheets different and quite possibly the best kids sheets ever invented!

Kids ZipSheets come in fun colors just like all the others. They are super soft, and cozy like the others. But, they will also keep your kids tucked in and warm all night long. With regular sheets, you tuck the kids in but they kick and turn until they become uncovered, cold, twisted up, and often awake. That can lead to many sleepless nights for them but for you too. A good nights rest is important for everyone but especially growing children.

With Kids ZipSheets, you have a fitted sheet and a flat sheet sewn together at the bottom of the bed and partway up each side. An area is left open for ventilation and then zippers connect the sheets the rest of the way up on both sides. You can leave them zipped, leave them unzipped, of leave them partially zipped. The feet are still tucked in and the sheets stay in place even if they are unzipped. When you get up, it’s a breeze to zip them back up leaving the bed tidy. It’s almost like sleeping in a lightweight sleeping bag – most kids love that concept! They are ideal for any bed type and are made for kids ages 2-12. They are perfect for hard to make beds too such as elevated beds or beds that are up against a wall. Throw a blanket or comforter on top for extra warmth and even it will stay in place better on top of the Kids ZipSheets.

So if your children are waking up often during the night because of their covers, why not give Kids ZipSheets a try. You will love them and your kids will love them too. You may find all kinds of other kids of sheets on the market but nothing compares to Kids ZipSheets. They come with a purpose, quite possibly making them the best kids sheets ever.