Product Warranty

kids sheets guarantee product warrantyDefective Products Promptly Replaced – Satisfaction Guarantee

  1. Kids Zip Sheets warrants that, during the Warranty Period, the Product will, with normal use, be free from faulty workmanship or damage.
  2. The Warranty Period for Kids Zip Sheets is 3 months from the date of purchase.This warranty is valid only for Products that are purchased new and unused from Kids Slip Sheets USA.
  3. The Customer must provide evidence to support a warranty claim by returning the product or providing photographic evidence.
  4. This warranty only applies where a defect has arisen, wholly or substantially, as a result of faulty manufacture or workmanship during the Warranty Period.
  5. The warranty does not apply where damage is caused by other factors, including without limitation:
    (a) normal wear and tear;
    (b) abuse or mishandling;
  6. Instructions for making a warranty claim are included in the enclosed materials. If the warranty claim is not accepted:
    (a) Kids Zip Sheets will inform the Customer;
    (b) if requested to do so by the Customer, Kids Zip Sheets will repair the Product provided and pay the usual charges for such repair; and
    (c) if applicable the costs associated with collecting the Product from the Customer.

Making a Warranty Claim

The process for a warranty claim is as follows:

  1. You must inform Kids Zip Sheets as soon as the warranty claim arises and provide a written description of the fault and a photograph of the fault;
  2. You must send to Kids Zip Sheets your original proof of purchase and your written description of the fault (including image samples and any other relevant material)

If the warranty claim is accepted Kids Zip Sheets will, subject to the applicable consumer laws in your jurisdiction, at its cost:

(a) repair or replace the faulty product; and
(b) return the Product to you.