Full Size Double Bed Zip Sheets – 100% Cotton – Fuchsia Pink


These zip up sheets are so pretty in pink but they aren’t just pretty – they have a purpose!  The Fuchsia Zip Sheets will keep you tucked in all night!  Available in beautiful, vibrant colors, they will light up any room and make it easy for the kids to tidy up their own bedding.

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Zip Up Sheets - Full Size Double Bed Zip Sheets in 100% Cotton Fuchsia Pink

Kids Zip Sheets are a type of zip up sheets where the fitted sheet and flat sheet are attached or sewn together at the bottom of the bed and part way up each side.  There is a small opening on each side for ventilation and then zippers the rest of the way up each side.  Not only do they keep the kids tucked in at night, they are also a zip to make in the morning.  What an easy way to keep the room looking tidy.  If you want, throw a fitted comforter, quilt, or blanket on top but you can also use them alone.

The set includes two pillow cases and fits most standard full size mattresses (75" x 54") up to 14" deep.   The vibrant colors look great as is!  Ideal for children ages 2-12 on any bed type but certainly beds that are up against a wall or elevated.

Fabric: 100% Cotton
Bed Size: Full 54" x 75" x 14"
Color: White
Thread Count: T250
Construction: Fitted sheet is sewn to flat sheet at the bottom and partway up each side. An area is left open on either side for ventilation. Zippers run the rest of the way up each side.
Safety: This product meets the CPSC safety standards. It is prop tested and formaldehyde free.
Recommended age for use: 12 months or older


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