Who needs Zip Sheets?


Need I say more?  These sheets were originally designed for kids to solve the problem of them kicking off their covers.  Night time wakening means restless sleep for everyone.  Kids kick off covers and get cold thus disrupting their sleep.  If this happens more than once through the night, they don’t get a good night’s rest.  This can impact school work and moods.  The original Kids Zip Sheets were the start of Zip Sheets.  Zippers were a bit shorter making a pocket for the kids to sleep in with zippers on the top half of the bedding.  Now, zippers run the entire length on the sides making the sheets good for all ages EXCEPT babies and infants..  It also provides much versatility in how the sheets are used.

Folks with Bunk Beds, Loft Beds, Hard to Make Beds

Finally, a solution to all the hard to make beds.  These include bunk beds, loft beds, captain’s beds, beds that are elevated or up against a wall, etc. They have one thing in common, mattresses that are hard to get to. Often the mattresses sit down in a frame making it impossible to either lift the mattress or get your hands down between the mattress and bed frame to put on bedding. Zip Sheets go on like a fitted sheet and once in place, the zipper is easy to access for bed making or sleeping.

Folks with Special Needs

These include mental, medical, emotional or psychological needs including but not limited to those with autism, sensory processing disorder, visual impairment, down syndrome, and so forth.  Restless sleeping or frustration with excess bedding can cause more stress to an already stressful situation.  The feeling of security and calmness is important in these cases.  Additionally, clutter or excess bedding can be like noise to some more sensitive folks.  ZipSheets can solve that problem.

Uses for ZipSheets

Folks with Physical Disabilities

These include conditions like cerabal palsy, muscular dystropy, epilepsy, asthma, and any condition that might limit movement.  Folks with brain injury, stroke, spinal cord injury, cystic fibrosis, tourette syndrome and dwarfism can benefit from these sheets. With zippers in easy reach, bed making is a breeze and the need to lift and tuck mattresses is eliminated.  This helps individuals who are trying to live independently even with certain physical limitations.

Active Seniors

This doesn’t mean seniors with health problems either.  Many vibrant, active, healthy  seniors with minor discomforts like arthritis, back pain, joint pain, etc. can benefit from these sheets.  Because bed making is easy, the amount of lifting and tucking sheets is reduced which gives your body a break. They are really good for all ages who want an easy bedding option.

Folks with Health Challenges

Health Challenges can come to folks from all ages and can emcompass so many things.  Whether they limit mobilitiy or cognitive funcion, Zip Sheets can help ensure a restful sleep and ease of managing the bedding.  In Australia, ZipSheets has expanded to long term care facilites and hospital beds.  These sheets work well for folks who need to stay in bed or stay covered – no matter the age.