Bunk Beds


zipsheets corners fitted design

So while the manufacturer is doing his part to ensure the bed is constructed in a way that is safe, it’s up to you to use bedding that will also make sleeping safe.  Loose bedding on any elevated bed can pose a serious risk for entrapment or strangulation.  If someone gets tangled in it, they can fall.  So FITTED bedding is the ticket for bunk and loft beds.  It ensures no excess bedding is anywhere on the bunk.  Pair zip sheets with a fitted comforter to make the bunk beds beautiful and safe.

Good Looks

why are bunks so hard to make

Needless to say, loose sloppy bedding doesn’t do justice on a beautifully framed bunk bed.  So in addition to being a safer bedding alternative, fitted bedding will make your bunk room look amazing.  It will be so much easier for folks to sleep in the beds as well.  Pull down the covers to sleep, pull them up to make the bed and they stay in place perfectly! Someone once said, “clutter is noise” and who can sleep in a room that is noisy with clutter.  Sleep in fitted beds instead!


zipsheets corners fitted design

When folks hear the word zippers, they think confinement.  That couldn’t be further from the truth with our newly redesigned ZipSheets.  Two Zippers are incorporated into the design, one on each side, joining the flat sheet to the fitted sheet the entire length of the side.  You can zip them up or down on either side or both sides.  It’s entirely up to you.  Leave both sides unzipped and kick you feet out for air.

Hard to Make Beds

Hard to make beds - zipsheets

ZipSheets are the perfect solution for Hard to Make Beds!  You know what they are.  You may even have one in your home or know someone else who does. They are elevated beds like bunk beds and loft beds. Or, beds that sit way down in a frame like captains beds or even beds that sit on a flat surface like platform beds where excess bedding needs to be tucked. Even normal beds that are up against a wall can be considered hard to make beds.  A hard to make bed is any bed where the matress can not be accessed easily for lifting and tucking bed sheets.

Often the Result

why are bunks so hard to make

What do you do when a bed is so hard to make, you can’t do it?  You either don’t make it at all or it’s constantly a mess. Some folks find creative solutions like sleeping on a fitted sheet only and using a blanket on top.  Or some just give up and use a sleeping bag.  Messy bedding will definitely prevent you from having a good night’s sleep and it can even pose a safety hazard.  Loose bedding can trip you up when you are climbing the ladder and it can even pose a strangulation hazard if you would fall and get caught in it.

Why are Bunk Beds so Hard to Make

why are bunks so hard to make

If it’s any consolation, bunk beds are hard to make because they are designed with your safety in mind.  Elevated sleeping poses a risk to begin with and the possibility of someone falling or getting entrapped in bedding is a serious issue.  That’s why manufacturers make the beds so that the mattress fits in tightly. The mattress usually sits down in a frame so it won’t move and the distance between the mattresss and the frame should be no more than about an inch – barely enough to get your hands in and around the mattress to lift and tuck. That combined with working around guardrails and the bed being situated in a hard to reach place make lifting and tucking IMPOSSIBLE.

Bunk Rooms – Not Just for Kids

bunks aren't just for kids

While bunks are ideal for growing families who need to optimize on space, they aren’t limited to kids.  Bunk rooms are everywhere from dormitories, lake homes, hostels, military institutions, and more.  Adults enjoy bunks as much as kids and our ZipSheets accommodate adults now too.

Bunks Look Better

We have all seen pictures of the messy bunk rooms.  With ZipSheets, your bunk bed can look so good.  The ZipSheets make the perfect foundation for even more fitted bedding like hugger comforters.  It’s a polished look that is super easy to maintain.  And folks sleep better in a bed that has been made.

Bunks are for All Ages

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Bunk beds aren’t just for kids either.  As mentioned before, bunk rooms are everywhere. Just starting out in a small apartment and a bunk might give you more living space.  Where groups of people are sleeping together, bunk beds and loft beds are a necessity.

Fitted Design

Fitted bedding is best when it comes to bunk beds.  Our ZipSheets have two tailored corners at the foot end of the bed.  The bottom is sewn together with an open area for ventillation.  But the zippers start at the very bottom on both sides to join the flat sheet.  No loose bedding!

Your Choice to Zip

Neat and Tidy with ZipSheets

Because the zippers go the entire length on both sides, you choose how much to zip or un zip them.  If you want a tucked in feeling or want to leave the wall side zipped up, fine. If you want both sides unzipped, it’s the same as a regular flat sheet but the sheet stays in place. It’s your choice!

Easy Care

Woman Smelling Clean Clothes Near The Electronic Washer At Laundry Room

We all have such busy lifestyles and easy to care for bedding is a must.  ZipSheets wash and dry as one piece.  They can be tossed in the washer and dryer for quick laundering.  Leave them zipped up to reduce friction on the zipper.  Tumble dry low heat and remove promptly to reduce wrinkling.