zip sheets for kids

Zip Sheets for Kids

The best kids bed sheets ever!

The Original Kids Zip Sheets

originally kids zip sheets

Why are ZipSheets the Best Kids Bed Sheets Ever?  Because they were designed for kids and with the needs of kids in mind.  Now, the original Kids Zip Sheets has been rebranded as Zip Sheets due to a design change making these sheets ideal for folks of all ages.

Keep Kids Covered

The main purpose of Kids Zip Sheets was to Keep Kids Covered. Nothing is more disruptive to sleep than waking up cold, uncovered, or tangled in a pile of sheets. When kids wake up, parents wake up as well. Not so with ZipSheets, they keep you covered.

Quality Construction

We use the best materials in our ZipSheets.    The fabrics are 100% cool, comfortable, breathable cotton.  Additionally, we use heavy weight YKK zippers, the best in the market.  The zippers are triple stitched on so they will endure constant use by little hands.  Our sheets are made to last!

Versatile & Ventilated

Zip Sheets Ventilation at Foot End

The new design of ZipSheets make them so versatile.  With longer zippers, you can choose to be zipped up or not.  Warm sleepers may leave them unzipped while those who want a cozy sleep may leave them zipped up.  But just in case, we leave an unsewn section at the foot end of the bed for ventilation.

Easy Bed Making

Easy to make zip sheets

Making a bed has never been so easy for moms.  But kids love to zip their beds too.  This is the perfect product to teach bed making habits at an early age.  And, it gives kids a sense of pride and accomplishement to be able to make their own beds.  A neater room is just a side benefit!

Easy Care

Woman Smelling Clean Clothes Near The Electronic Washer At Laundry Room

Moms have such busy lifestyles and easy to care for bedding is a must.  ZipSheets wash and dry as one piece.  They can be tossed in the washer and dryer for quick laundering.  Leave them zipped up to reduce friction on the zipper.  Tumble dry low heat and remove promptly to reduce wrinkling.