People with Disabilities

Keep you Warm

zipsheets for people with disabilities keep warm

ZipSheets keep you covered and therefore, they keep you warm. If restless sleeping is an issue, these sheets will stay in place and they keep the top cover in place as well.

Provide Security

zipsheets provide security to the disabled

Our sheets give you a sense of security as they keep you tucked in if desired.  They provide the perfect base for use with weighted blankets or other sensory bedding products.  For those who want a little added security, ZipSheets will give you that!

Foster Independence

Foster independence with zipsheets

ZipSheets are  easy to make so even those with limited mobility will find they can make the bed with ease.  ZipSheets help foster independence no matter the age or the disability.

Tidy Rooms are Calming

zipsheets for folks with disabilities

ZipSheets help keep beds tidy.  When beds are tidy, rooms seem to be tidier as well.  For those who find messy surroundings stressful or over stimulating, ZipSheets can help create a sense of calm in the bedroom.

Serene Colors – Comfortable Fabrics

serene colors of zipsheets

While the original Kids Zip Sheets were known for their vibrant, bright colors, ZipSheets has introduced neutral greys, tans, and white.  These neutral colors give a more serene feeling to the bed and are not overly stimulating.  Additionally, our fabrics are 100% cotton and cotton flannel, both breatheable, cool and comfortable for those who are sensitive.

Easy Care

easy care zip sheets for people with disabilities

ZipSheets are easy to launder and care for.  Since the fitted sheet and flat sheet are attached, care is as easy as laundering a fitted sheet.  To make the bed, ZipSheets go on as one piece. If you find folding sheets is a challenge as most people do, just wash them, dry them, and put them right back on the bed. smile