Active Seniors

ZipSheets for active seniors

Active seniors with minor age related symptoms will appreciate the ease of bed making that comes with ZipSheets.  Maybe it’s a little harder for you to bend than it used to be  or that new mattress is really heavy to lift and tuck or maybe your arthritis is acting up today because you were gardening. So, using ZipSheets on your bed is just one more thing you can do to make your life a little easier.  Put them on like a fitted sheet.   Zip and unzip to your desired level of cover and zip them up to make the bed.

Aged Care

ZipSheets for aged care

Our sheets have been proven effective at minimizing the risk of possible breaks from falling out of bed.  They are used by many aged care facilities in Australia for just this purpose. Falls often happen when seniors wake up cold in the middle of the night and struggle with tangled sheets for cover. If you or a loved one are in an aged care facility or have home care, consider trying ZipSheets for a little added protection from falling out of bed.


Adult Bed Sizes

ZipSheets sized with adults in mind

Our original product was designed for kids including the first color choices and bed sizes.  While we still carry those in our redesigned ZipSheets line, we have now added sizes and colors more likely to be used by adults. ZipSheets come in neutral colors of white, grey, and sandy beige which will blend with almost any adult bedroom decor.  The neutral colors are available in twin, full, and queen sizes.

Keep you Warm

ZipSheets keep seniors warm and covered

Adults as well as children sleep better when their body is at the proper temperature.  ZipSheets help to keep you warm because the covers stay in place and the top covers stay in place as well.  You don’t need to keep them zipped up if you prefer to have the sides open.  Available in 100% cotton and cotton flannel, we have comfortable sheets that will work to keep you comfortable no matter what time of year.

Keep you Covered

ZipSheets keep seniors covered

Even restless sleeping adults can kick off their covers. That messes up the top covers as well and disturbs your sleep. Some people don’t seem to mind crawling in to a mess of bedding but you get a better night’s sleep when the bedding is in order.

Easy Care

Woman Smelling Clean Clothes Near The Electronic Washer At Laundry Room

ZipSheets are easy to care for.  Completely machine washable, they may be tumble dried at low heat.    Leave them zipped up when laundering to reduce friction on the zipper and extend the wear of the sheets. Remove them promptly when just dry to reduce wrinkling.