Minimize injuries

Minimize injuries

Falls are common when seniors wake up cold in the middle of the night and struggle with tangled sheets. Our smart zipper design ensures that you stay covered and tangle free all night. In fact many aged care facilities in Australia rely on ZipSheets to help reduce the risk of injuries caused by falling out of bed.

Keep covered

Keep covered

ZipSheets feature zips on both sides, making it easy for couples to stay covered or uncovered independently. The top sheet stays on the bed, and keeps you covered, and doesn’t end up on the floor. This also means that they help to retain heat and keep cold air out during the night.

Versatile and ventilated

Zip Sheets for Kids

Our seniors’ ZipSheets feature a vent hole at the base, providing ample feet ventilation to regulate body temperature and cool down on warmer nights. They are designed to fit bed sizes up to Queen-size beds, and the extra-long (165 cm) zippers make it easier for people to get into the sheets before zipping them up.

Quality construction

quality construction

ZipSheets are designed with durability in mind. The fabrics are made entirely of cool, comfortable, and breathable cotton (300 thread count). The heavy-duty YKK zippers are also the best on the market, and they are triple stitched to withstand daily use and regular laundering.

Easy bed making

easy bedmaking

Active seniors with minor age-related symptoms will appreciate the ease of use that ZipSheets provide. There’s no need to bend over at awkward angles, so making the bed won’t strain your back or knees. It’s as simple as straightening the top sheet and zipping it up.

Easy care

easy care

ZipSheets wash and dry as one piece. They can be tossed in the washer and dryer for easy laundering. Leave them zipped up to reduce friction on the zipper. Tumble dry on low heat or hang out in the fresh air on the clothesline.

people with disability

Available in 100% cotton in a variety of gorgeous colors.

To fit twin size, XL twin size, full size and queen size beds.