Seven Zipper Bedding Myths – Busted!

Seven Zipper Bedding Myths – Busted!

Seven Zipper Bedding Myths Busted

Zipper bedding has become all the rage in recent years. It seems to be the answer to many bedding problems including hard to make beds. Not only is it extremely functional, it’s also beautiful in design. With this sudden deluge of zipper bedding products popping up on the market, many questions and concerns seem to come up as well. Hopefully, this post will put some of those to rest.

Common Misconceptions about Kids Zipper Bedding

Myth # 1 – Zipper Bedding is confining. Some types may be but our Kids ZipSheets are only sewn together at the very lower portion of the bed. The zippers attach the flat sheet to the fitted sheet the entire length on both sides. You choose how to zip them. You can be totally zipped in if desired but you can also leave both sides unzipped and it’s just like a regular set of sheets. The difference, the top sheet stays in place, zipped or not, so  it never gets kicked off and it’s easy to keep covered without that zipped up feeling.

Myth # 2 – Zipper bedding is hot. I have heard some folks say that the zippered bedding is hot. The “all in one” sets (comforter & sheets combined) that contain some polyester may be warm. Our sheets are made of 100% breatheable cotton. In warmer climates or during summer months, they are enough used alone. In the winter, you can throw on any top blanket or comforter made of any fabric you choose but cotton will be against your skin. We also have an area at the foot end that is left unsown for additional ventilation.

Myth # 3 –  My child can’t get to the bathroom in time with zipper bedding. Our original Kids ZipSheets were perfect for children in the potty training age but they did have the bottom portion of the bed sewn up. The zipped portion was toward the top end of the bed. That made it a little harder to get out quickly. But with the new design of the ZipSheets, you have the option to leave the entire front side of the bed unzipped making the sheets no different than any other fitted and flat sheet combination.

Myth # 4 – I saw that Kids ZipSheets are line dry only. No more!  We recommended line drying the original flannel Kids ZipSheets but that stock is all gone. Now it is safe to machine wash and tumble dry all of our ZipSheets. Of course you may line still dry if you prefer that fresh air, outdoor, dried smell. We do recommend tumble drying with the sheets zipped to reduce friction on the zipper. Use low heat and tumble dry 20 minuts minutes to reduce wrinkling.

Myth # 5 – ZipSheets are cheaply made. Not our sheets! We are constantly monitoring and maintaining the quality of our ZipSheets. They are made of 250 TC cotton, sewn with precision, and inspected before we ever receive them. We only use YKK zippers as we have found them to be the most reliable. As a team, we constantly look for ways to improve the products. If you do get a defective one, we promptly replace it.

Myth # 6 – Zipper bedding isn’t safe. Our sheets are tested in a third party CSPC approved lab and they meet all safety standards required for products of their kind. We wouldn’t sell them otherwise. So you can rest assured that Kids ZipSheets contain no lead or phthalate in the zippers and they pass the small parts testing.

Myth # 7 – The crib size Kids ZipSheets are for babies. ABSOLUTELY NOT! The crib sets are for crib size mattresses to be used by children over the age of 1 year. Babies should not have a top sheet or a pocket to scrunch down in until they are able to roll over. Even though our crib sheets can be short sheeted, that is to accommodate toddlers and can be adjusted as your child grows. Often times a crib mattress is converted to a toddler bed and our Crib Size ZipSheets fit Crib Size mattresses.

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Cozy Up for Winter with Flannel ZipSheets

Cozy Up for Winter with Flannel ZipSheets

Cozy Flannel ZipSheets

The beauty of four seasons

Living in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, I experience four distinct seasons each year. I appreciate the beauty of each and I enjoy the transitions between them. Just as I have had enough of winter, spring breaks through with buds of new life, light showers, and warmer air. The green grass of spring seems greener than at any other time of the year, maybe because it contrasts starkly with the just passed brown of winter. Then summer comes, sometimes with scorching heat, high humidity, long days, and bugs. That season is my least favorite, can you tell, but it has its benefits as well. You can go outside without shoes, flowers bloom at their peak, you talk to your neighbors more than usual, and you can hang clothes outside to dry. Then the days get shorter and fall breaks through with picture perfect weather, crisp nights, and earlier sunsets giving our bodies time to adjust to the darkness before it’s bedtime. Just when you think you could take fall weather forever, the leaves are gone and winter sets in again. It may be a light winter this year with barely cold temperatures or it could be a hard winter with below freezing  temperatures and lots of snow. I even love snow for a couple months and would miss it if I lived in a warmer climate. Because each season only lasts about 3 months,  you take what comes and enjoy it for that season. Then, you look forward to the next.

Cool, crisp nights make good sleeping weather

If I had to pick a favorite season though, it would be fall when the leaves are ablaze with vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows. Early sunsets make evenings shorter, days are clear and cool, nights are crisp, and the smell of burning leaves or gingerbread is in the air.  It’s time to open windows again after a long stretch of only air conditioning. Fall decor comes out for the mantle and pumpkins and mums adorn the entryways to our homes. Even hot coffee tastes better this time of year. Sometimes I wish we had this season all year long but then I don’t think I would appreciate it as much. It’s kind of like life and it’s transitions. You experience joy much more fully when you’ve been through tough times. So as we transition to the cooler months of the year, we need to consider transitioning our bedding as well.

Get your beds ready for fall and winter with flannel sheets

Fall is the time to get our beds ready for those cooler temperatures and then you might even want to crack a window open and let some of that crisp air in. We call it good sleeping weather here and it’s been shown that a cool bedroom, whether it’s from a lower set thermostat or the night air, promotes a much better night’s sleep. The cotton or bamboo sheets and light quilts of summer are no longer enough. We need to pull out the flannel sheets and winter comforters. Since the bedroom will be a cooler temperature, it’s important to keep the bedding cozy and warm. If you kick sheets off  this time of year, it is even more of a disruption to the wake/sleep cycles. In the summer, you may not even realize covers have been kicked off but in the fall/winter, you know it. That’s where our Flannel ZipSheets come in.

ZipSheets are now available in flannel

We are reintroducing cotton flannel ZipSheets. They serve two purposes. One, they give you that warm, cozy, flannel feel that is so important for the cooler seasons of the year. Two, they have zippers incorporated in the design to ensure your top sheet stays in place, zipped up or not. You can even zip them just enough on the sides to keep the top sheet where you want it. Your top bedding will also stay in place better if the sheets stay in place. This almost ensures you will stay covered. Now that they are avaialble in standard sizes and ever versatile white, kids and adults can enjoy the benefits of ZipSheets. We hope to bring more colors in soon.

Get ready for cool nights with Flannel ZipSheets.

14 Things to Know About Zip Bedding

14 Things to Know About Zip Bedding

Things to know about kids zip bedding

While sleeping bags and zippered duvet covers have been around for a long time, other types of zipper bedding are relatively new.  Here are just a few of the basic things you should know before you shop zipper bedding.

Read this before you buy Kids Zip Bedding

It is fitted. Zipper bedding is fitted so just like any other fitted bedding product, it is very important to measure your mattress. Kids ZipSheets and ZipSheets are made in standard bed sizes and fit mattresses up to 14-15 inches deep (thick). The crib size toddler bed fit mattresses up to 10″ deep. If your mattress isn’t an exact match, it will still work as long as the dimensions are close. But if it is too far off, the zipper may not fall in the proper place on the sides.

It will make your top bedding look better. A fitted zipper sheet will make any top comforter or blanket look better because the sheets underneath it fit neatly. It keeps top bedding in place while you sleep too!

It is not for use with children under the age of 1 year. Infants and babies should sleep in a crib with nothing except a fitted sheet. No top sheet, pillows, bumper, stuffed animals, blanket or anything that could pose a suffocation hazard. Fitted bedding is awesome but it should be used responsibly with age appropriate children.

It is ideal for children over the age of 1 year. The benefits of this type of bedding work well with children in the 1-12 year age range. It’s easy for them to manage and it serves the purpose of keeping them covered. With the new design however, it is good for folks of any age, not just children.

It is easy to make. You or your child can be up, out of bed, and have the bed made in literally seconds compared to a minute or more tucking a traditional bedspread and sheets. Some folks never really learn to make a bed well but these sheets help.

It’s new but not really. Zip bedding in some form has been around for years. Duvet covers zip over an insert so only the cover needs changed and of course, sleeping bags are a preferred bed for camping and sleepovers. However, zip bedding has taken on a new twist in recent years. It’s a merging of these ideas to create a product that serves families well in a home setting. It solves common problems like children waking at night cold and uncovered or beds being a mess because they are too hard to make.

It’s great for bunk beds, loft beds, or any hard to make bed. Tucking is hard enough on a regular bed but when the bed is elevated or up against a wall, it’s impossible. Kids ZipSheets and ZipSheets can be a lifesaver in these applications.

It’s easy care. The top sheet and fitted sheet are sewn together so they go on and come off as one piece. All Kids ZipSheets and ZipSheets are machine washable and safe to tumble dry.

It makes tucking a thing of the past. You won’t need to do any more tucking as the sheets are sewn together and joined with zippers. You put the sheets on just like a fitted sheet and that’s it.

It comes in rich vibrant colors and neutral colors. The signature colors for this brand are orange, fuchsia pink, bright blue and aqua. All rich, beautiful, kid friendly colors. But we have introduced neutral grey, white, and sand to appeal to the rebranded ZipSheets which are for everyone.

It is adaptable to the sleepers’ preference. If you like a tucked in feeling, leave them zipped up on both sides. If you want tucked in a little, leave one side zipped or leave them zipped halfway. If you don’t want zipped in, leave them unzipped. The zipper sheets stay in place even if they aren’t zipped because they are sewn together at the foot end of the bed.

It makes your bed look neat and tidy. Fitted bedding of any kind shows off a beautiful bed frame as it only covers the mattress. It doesn’t drape over the bed frame.

It won’t lock you in to a print. If you choose our ZipSheets, you can use whatever comforter you want on top but still enjoy the benefits of zip bedding. The all in one zipper comforters come in beautiful prints but they come with a hefty price tag and you are limited to that print.

It is reasonably priced. Zipper sheets are more reasonably priced than zipper comforters and you have more flexibility with them. You have the benefits of zipper bedding but you are not limited to the print or design of a comforter.

So are you ready to buy Zip Bedding now?